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You Know, It’s just that Important

We had lunch today with a fellow photographer in the business, and while rehashing our discussion, something burdened my heart enough to write to him. After I sent this note to him, I’ve decided I’m also going to send the meat of that letter out to any and all of you, because you know, it’s just that important….

I feel it would be a disservice to you to not speak to you about where I stand with my business. I know where you’re at with your passion in your studio, and I remember what it was like when I first came home, and how driven I was to carve out a place, provide for my family, and prove it to be good career move.

Honestly I have to tell you that I’m just in a very different place these days in regards to my perspective. Having come back from Haiti, and seeing the fallout from such an extreme loss of life, and now with the ministry of our band Rough Lumber, just last night speaking to 35 boys about Jesus, boys who come from abuse and neglect and poor decisions, I’m finding out that our salvation is crucial. Our time here is so very valuable. The other 3 guys in my band are today burying a very close friend and coworker. He lived life and was loving every second, but was unexpectedly shot to death in his sleep a few nights ago. He hadn’t made a decision about Christ either, and his time was cut very short. They don’t know if he was ready. And the pain of knowing that is near unbearable. I know you are uncertain of your faith, but I would be grossly dishonest with you if I even began to pretend that I didn’t hold that to a higher value than the welfare or success of your business. I am increasingly unable to ignore or assume the integrity of the salvation of any individual in front of me. It’s just too important anymore, and the rest is just passing away. My business strategy is very simple and not at all conventional, which is just my way of being completely honest with you when I say my business model is simply to trust in Christ. I know some people may not find that agreeable, so it’s important to be on the table as much as possible. My studio is currently how the Lord provides for me and my family, as well as affording time and a space for us to have a ministry for Jesus. There is scripture on the floors of my studio, and my strategy is only to be as truthful as I can be about Him. I’m not perfect, I’m just as much a sinner as any man, but I believe Jesus hung on that cross, died and rose again for me, to pay for those sins, and it’s remiss of me not to share that at the outset of any relationship. The importance of having a personal relationship with Him is over and above all else.

If you ever want to talk about Christ, if you ever have questions, I’d be happy to talk with you.

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