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Canon GL-2 Camcorder for Sale

May as well let you all in on a sale. 🙂 We’re stepping out of the video end of things for atleast this year, and if or when we get back in, we’ll want to upgrade our equipment for the HD technology. That said, we’re letting go of one of our Canon GL-2 Camcorders. No sense having them sit here on the shelf, right? The other one I use for the kids, so it’s staying with me. 🙂 In fact, I just videotaped my boy’s first ever oral report on Christopher Columbus yesterday, and we watched it on the big screen about 2 minutes later. The GL-2 is absolutely stellar in it’s clarity! The handle on the top makes it nice and easy to get down on their level too. Anyway, We keep them in extremely clean, very nice condition. If you know me, you know how much of a clean freak I am when it comes to my gear. I don’t like to see a speck of dust on my equipment. Poorly kept equipment can be percieved as laziness or poor workmanship, and neither quality is something I care to convey in my business. So, if anyone’s interested, just give us a ring, drop an email, or bid on eBay 🙂

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