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Elizabeth & Matt

Some of you might remember Elizabeth and Matt from the winter when we took their engagement pictures. I mentioned how Elizabeth and I talked on the phone the first time she called, and it really did feel like we had been old friends. There was just something special about her. Now this time I have to tell you something special about Elizabeth’s mom. During the receptions, Kari and I always refuse to eat. We are hired hands, and we’re there to work, so we’ve always felt uncomfortable with what we consider laying down on the job. We get asked all the time, to just sit and eat, but we almost never do. So when Elizabeth’s mom asked, and we refused and went about our business, she instead went into the service kitchen and prepared us a Care Package, 2 plates each, stocked to the brim with all the fixin’s from the supper, as well as extra peices of wedding cake for our kids! She wrapped them tight in plastic and foil, the way your own mother would do for you, and had them waiting for us by the door when we left the reception… How cool is that!? Well, it was enough to impress me. Nobody has done that for us before, and she most certainly has our gratitude for taking the time on her daughter’s wedding day to care so much. Here are a few shots from Elizabeth and Matt’s wedding. It was elegant and simple, and it began with worship, which is right where Christ needs to be in a newly formed marriage. Elizabeth’s dad is a captain, and we got to play with fire trucks again. The kid in me always loves shooting those weddings with the big red trucks vroom vroom and the flashy lights. I was taking pictures of the little ones behind the wheel and kept wishing I could hop in the Big Seat myself for a quick spin, sirens and all 🙂

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