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First Ever Christmas Program

I had to post of few of these for fun. Our church had their first ever Christmas Program in our new building. Kari was one of the parents involved in making costumes and orchestrating the chaos. We were up until 1:30 a.m. cutting black fabric and hot gluing the spots on t-shirts for the cows. You name it, we had it at this program. From the Harking Herald Angels to a few Lost Sheep, Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus. Even some ritzy looking Wise Men and a few fiesty Shepherds. Abby was one of the Sheep, but she soon left the flock and followed me all over the sanctuary as I snapped off shots. Every time I’d turn around she’d be right behind me, in her little cotton-ball outfit (ahem…wool), with nothing but a big smile. Eventually she got hot and took it right off. I told her I’d never seen a lamb sheer itself 🙂 Logan did a great job singing the Christmas songs he’d been practicing. It was great to see him so involved. I think everyone had a great time, and we were all reminded of what all this hub-bub is really supposed to be about.

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