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Heather & Jason

These two had a beautiful wedding at the Sioux Falls Cathedral. Part of Heather’s dress didn’t make the trip to the church, so Heather was stuck in the dressing room a little longer than she wanted to be, but it was a very minor hiccup. We knew tons of people at this wedding, so it made the day very exciting for both Kari and I. When we got to the reception hall there were no guests yet, so after a few detail shots we walked a block to the pub where we knew we’d find the wedding party. Everyone was shooting pool and playing video games, and we got some “unique” shots. The flower girl was a little bummed when she found out she didn’t have a seat at the head table, and I overheard her conversation with her Daddy, “That table is just for the wedding party, honey.” “But I’m part of the wedding party…” Good thing she has such a great dad to turn that frown upside down. 🙂

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