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January 2nd, the New New Year’s?

Welcome to 2006 🙂 So how is that New Year’s Resolution coming? Mine begins today. I figure if I start on January 1st, it’s destined for failure, because almost all New Year’s commitments have a strange tendency to fade almost as soon as my head hits the pillow on the first night. So, January 2nd, is my new start. 🙂

My resolution is to grow more spiritually and physically fit. Is that too vague? Maybe so, but I’ve resolved to paint with broad strokes. We’ll let Christ work out the details, how’s that sound? I’m tired of trying to figure it out my way, and I’m sure His plans are much better than mine. I remember watching this guy on television when I was kid. He was a great painter, and he always talked about the happy trees, the sleepy sky, the lazy slopes of wispy tallgrass…suddenly he’d have this beautiful world on the canvas, built from the back to the front, so real that you almost step right in…All great paintings must begin with a base, a background, something to make the details stand out, to make the foreground blend and to bring it alive.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m putting in the background, and we’ll build the detail in from there. Then I can step in and get my feet wet, and let go.

It’s been hard to post these past few days. I have some great shots to get posted. We had some beautiful shoots this past week and also 2 weddings that we were blessed to capture some very classic moments. I have yet to post them, I apologize. I think a lot about Rita and her family.

Okay, So spiritually, it was Isaiah 58 and 59 today. Basically it felt like God was saying to quit missing the boat and start making a real difference. That and oh yes, we’re cut off from Him when we sin. A good scolding always helps. Hmmmmmm, time to do a few pushups?

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