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We had an amazing maternity session with Michelle and her family this week. Shawn was there for her in every way that a husband should be, and their little girl Calista is already very excited to have a new baby sister soon to arrive on the scene. When I asked her if she was ready to share her toys, I honestly don’t think she’d quite thought about that dilemma yet. 🙂 This family was really a pleasure to work with. Kari and I don’t take it for granted when we get to capture these kinds of moments… A little girl’s anxious giggle as she points at her momma’s tummy and smothers it in kisses. A father’s soft smile as his hand rests on hers. A mother’s smiling eyes as she glows in these final months. Michelle was easily one of my favorite Expecting Mom’s to photograph, and some of the shots felt as if we were looking through the lens at a beautiful painting.

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