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Monica & Ryan

We had a great time with Monica and Ryan at Tuthill. From the bagpipes to Dad’s special extra touch with the bride’s bouquet, it was a day to remember. The weather was great and when you’ve got that big old house to get ready in, it feels like a home away from home. Monica stood at the window, watching for Ryan to arrive, looking beautiful as ever, telling me that he’s always late for these kinds of things. And he was late. But from the moment he showed up to when we said our goodbye’s at the reception, he was focused on nothing but his Monica, and when I say focused, I mean focused. Ryan is a police officer. He’s a serious guy, eyes like a hawk and sharp as a tack, but when she looks at him, he’s all smiles. I think she has a place in his heart that he’s kept just for her and noone else. Monica is not the serious type. She has a great love for life and it shows. She’ll grow the bond in their marriage just by keeping things fresh and interesting. Just in the short time I’ve known them, it’s easy to see that they compliment one another. She is the rest of him and vice versa. They can literally talk about anything, and that’s a great beginning.

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