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My Birthday Gift

So I have to make special mention today for the birthday card I received today…No, not the one from my loving, older and supposedly more mature brother who says to give him a call soon as I pass all the intestinal worms from Haiti, (only a brother would send a card like that). I know what you’re thinking. While it’s almost inconceivable that any other card could possibly be more touching and heartfelt than that, the next card takes the cake. It was anonymous….. well, sort of.

Written on a purple piece of construction paper, and magically appearing on my desk when I got up to get the mail, in an almost invisible, detective-like fashion, it stated: “Happy Birthday Dad, Dan. Hope you lik (like) it. Spend it wisely now. “ Inside, stuffed and crumpled into a big ball, was $18 in cash, taped with double-sided sticky tape to the card. It was unsigned of course, so that the sender might remain anonymous, because ‘otherwise Daddy will know it’s from me and he’ll never spend the money.’

Thank you, my little sweat pea, for a very thoughtful and carefully planted card, but Abigail, there’s no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to spend your Piggy Bank money.

Love, Dad

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