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Rylee & Cole

We got to photograph the Jensen family again just a few days ago, and this time Troy (dad) finally gave in and came along for the shoot. I know how the guys can be. I AM one of those guys, believe it or not. I can’t stand being on the other side of the camera. And I used to never think it mattered until recently. That’s because I am in the unique position of studying kid after kid in these shoots with their moms and their dads. What I see has been really eye-opening to me. It doesn’t so much matter to us, the dad’s, the guys. To us, at this stage in our lives, we’re career driven and bent for leather, and stopping for family pictures is about like asking us to stop and smell the Daisies. “Do what to the what? Daisies?!… Those things smell?” But hey guys, from where I stand, behind the camera, it makes a world of difference to the rest of the family. Somehow, it’s just more balanced. These kids had a ball with dad. And I think he had a good time too. It’s worth it, just by the smile in mom’s eyes.

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