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Salvador & Robyn

These are a few of my favorites from Robyn & Salvador’s wedding. I first met these two last year, and we had a connection right away. Salvador is from Wyoming, so we talked quite a bit about home. He’s a very calculated man, direct and to the point, and yet, when he looks at Robyn, there’s another side. Something softer… He’s going to be looking out for her, because it comes natural. Robyn is at home in his arms. Her smile is soft and comfortable when she’s with him. I’d never seen some of the traditional Mexican rituals that made this wedding special, but the most intriguing part to me was the Trece monedas de oro (the 13 gold coins), which represented Christ and his disciples. Salvador pledged his possessions, his trust, and his responsibility to provide for her, and Robyn accepted with total dedication. I was humbled seeing the way Christ was honored. Putting God in the center, living with Him as our highest measure, that’s what it’s all about.

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