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Scott & Leah

Okay, I had a deeply philosophical blog to post, but then reconsidered, as it might be a little much for posting here. Besides, I’m behind so far on posting what I should be posting that there needs to be a new word created for my tardiness.

Here’s a few shots from Scott & Leah’s wedding that we shot down in the great state with the bumpy roads…(sorry, telling it like it is)…. Iowa. They actually had a very fun wedding. We got to take some shots on the slide where Scott first asked Leah to marry him. It was an outdoor affair on a very beautiful day, with horses to whisk them away. And, so far, the best hand-written vows I’ve ever heard. Wow, were they moving! Usually Kari gives me a little nod and smile from acrossed the congregation every weekend as we hear the wedding vows, as if to remind me to pay attention. C’mon! I’m a guy, not a rock! I’m hearing every word! ‘F-stop down, shutter speed 60, aperture…perfect, good composition, wait for it, wait for it…’ 🙂 We hear wedding vows sometimes two or three times a week, you see. Unlike most couples, Kari and I have the rare opportunity to have Marriage 101, weekly, as we cover these weddings, and to be truthful it really is a great refresher after twelve…..ahem….glorious years together. Sorry, :), just looking for the right words their babe 😛 But this time, as the bride and groom were gushing with tears, it was all I could do to keep the lens in focus on them and not my wife. My wife, as it turned out, was in complete photographer mode. It seems she’s become quite the shutterbug from covering all of these events with me. hmmmmmmmm……. One of these days, very soon, I’m just going to toss her the camera, and Shazam! I’ll watch her magically change roles, right before my very eyes. We were laughing the other day, wondering why God has me doing this kind of photography. I’m not exactly a people person. I’m easily anxious. I don’t like crowds. I like standing up in front of them even less. I get easily distracted when I see something beautiful in my eyes. Plus, we used to have a bit of a rocky marriage, back in the day. I know, you’re all shocked! 🙂 So God says, “Hey, I’ve got it! Let’s have him shoot weddings! He’ll have so much anxiety he’ll feel sick to his stomach every time, standing at the front where everyone can see him, and capturing the bride coming down the aisle. He’ll have to pray to me to help him through it, and he’ll know that it’s nothing he could ever do on his own. Let’s have him working with crowds, and oooooh, better yet, let’s have the two of them, working together, every Saturday, so they can hear straight from Me what a marriage is supposed to be! It’s a perfect plan!”

Anyone who doesn’t think God has a sense of humor….just wait. You’ll get yours.

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