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Shooting A Proposal & Engagement? AND Our Own Daughter??

It’s hard enough to shoot the proposal & engagements all in one shot, but when it’s your own daughter? Oh my! Talk about leveling up on the pressure scale! In the days leading up, keeping the secret was intensely hard as Abe and I literally planned for the position of the Sun at the exact time of day that we would arrive from our journey across the country 1000 miles to this secluded lodge in the Virginia mountains that we happened to stay at “by accident”, because “all of the motels were booked.” Abby had no idea that most of Abe's family had also made the trip from New York City to be here at this precise moment. They were literally hiding in the forest behind the trees! When she saw him and ran to him, she nearly knocked him off his feet. Abraham literally had to catch her. My favorite moment came just after Abe knelt to propose. As I was watching through the lens I thought just for a moment, “I wonder if she’ll kneel too.” And she did! A strange thing to think I suppose, but I just know my daughter’s spirit. As she looked down on him kneeling, she couldn’t handle it. Because of her servant-heart, her humility, and the fact that she was so completely “all-in”, she had to meet him and join him in that moment. She knelt down at the same time that he stood up, and for just a split second he smiled down at her as she beamed up at him. In that instant, she made their proposal extraordinarily unique in a world of proposals, and it was my favorite memory. #proposal #engagementsession #photography #videography

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