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Teigen Tyler Webb

It’s with great pleasure I’d like the introduce the newest addition to the Webb family…. Teigen Tyler Webb. At first I was wondering if he’d be awake for the pictures, since just before the session, mom decided to take him to a baby shower and drain him of all baby-superpowers whatsoever! Just kidding Amanda, (I can give her a hard time because she’s too nice to hold a grudge. 😉 She tries to make my job hard I think, but I’m up for the challenge.)

Really though, Teigen was alot of fun. This little guy was very inquisitive during his shoot, and after we took off his diaper he must have been quite cozy and comfortable in the warm lights, as we now have an excuse to do some laundry 🙂 His big sister Taige was just a touch under the weather, but she was still a trooper and took some great family pictures for mom and dad.

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