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Vito and Bella

This is Vito and Bella. The story with this brother and sister is that they also happen to be the best of friends. They have a deep love and respect for one another that shows very easily in pictures, because they are absolutely comfortable together. This is something I’ve grown to realize over the course of the last year of pictures with the family. Vito thinks the world of his big sister, and he doesn’t mind at all when she’s in his space. For a 2 year old, speaking from experience, this is very much an uncommon trait. Usually the world at that age is all about what is “mine”, and that tends to encompass any object or food source or toy within sight of said 2 year old. But Vito’s never come across that way to me. Instead he seems at ease with his world, maybe because he has a giant of a dad who could easily vanquish any threats, maybe because there’s just a good measure of love in this family, enough to go around. Bella is beautiful, just like her mom. She seems also to be growing like a weed, and believe it or not, this little angel has a headlock move the likes of which could make some WWF Pro Wrestlers jealous. We got to see a whole new side to this little one when she just about took her dad down for the count while giving him a hug. Talk about tough! I’m still trying to figure out if she gets that from dad… or mom? 🙂

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